Jane Isakson

Mountains I Have Met

Jane Isakson has hiked, trekked and ski toured in Asia, Europe, South America and closer to home in North America. You have the opportunity to see works that span four continents with dramatic images of the mountains she has met.

Artist Statement

Growing up on the prairies, I was always heading for higher ground, someplace where I could look out over the landscape…. I still have that reflexive response and love to walk up and into whatever area I am in. I am not a mountaineer, but I have been very fortunate to travel to and hike in many mountainous places, near and far. From smaller, unnamed mountains closer to home in the Yukon, to famous iconic mountains only glimpsed from a distance, welcome to an exhibit of paintings of Mountains I Have Met.

My art practice is inspired by nature. Whether it is landscape or abstract painting, it is a search for symbol and meaning within the workings of nature that leads me to the act of observation and of painting.

Although I am attracted to and paint scenes of natural beauty, nature and the landscape are more than just scenery. All knowledge and discovery starts with observation from nature; all resources are derived from nature - it provides, reveals, inspires and gives us an opportunity to discover and understand our place in the world in a very fundamental way. As geological histories are indicated by rock formations, animal histories by tracks and fossils, cultural histories by artifacts, the landscape includes these elements and more to reflect a philosophy of sorts – one that simultaneously suggests chaos and mystery as well as order and interconnection. Forms and patterns emerge and break down, reflecting the basic creative / destructive cycle of the natural world.

I try to indirectly incorporate these ideas into my presentation of the landscape by seeking out those patterns and finding forms in the shadows.

About the Artist

Sometimes we get to where we are going in roundabout ways. Jane Isakson always wanted to be an artist of some sort, but art school after high school was too big of a leap. Instead, she studied Norwegian language and literature at Camrose Lutheran College, now Augustana University, where she was also sidetracked with the sport of Biathlon. After almost a decade on the Canadian National Biathlon team and participating in two Winter Olympics (1992 and 1994), Jane decided to pursue the 'real' dream. In 1998 she completed a Fine Arts Degree at the University of Alberta. Settling in the Yukon Territory, Jane found that both the outdoor activities she enjoys locally and other journeys further afield take her into environments that inspire her work.


Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with distinction, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB 1998.
Bachelor of Arts degree, with distinction, Augustana University, Camrose AB, 1988.