Bradley Keys

Bradley Keys

George Weber

George Weber

Celebrate Canada 150

Mountain Vistas

Bradley Keys

George Weber CPE (1907-2002)

With the gorgeous days of summer upon us, it is time to celebrate our Mountain Vistas. To do so we feature new ceramic vessels by Bradley Keys and the historical serigraphs of George Weber. These two artists provide us with stunning images of mountain peaks, lakes and foothills.

Bradley Keys - an artist long interested in what makes the earth work. He considers the rhythms of the landscape, the wind, and gravel under our feet, which he translates into ceramic vessels that encompass the greater scope. Known for his wonderful glazes that contribute to animated vessel forms, the works allow us to relate to mountain slopes, glacial reaches, prairie sloughs, and alpine meadows.

George Weber – a selection of George Weber’s mountain serigraphs that record wilderness areas in Banff, Jasper, Mt. Robson and points south ranging from glaciers and mountains, a Sundance among the Peigan, rivers and streams and wildflowers.

A special treat is a 1954 oil by Roland Gissing of the mountains around Seebe.

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