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Charles Noble

Allan Harding MacKay's work is the front cover image for Charles Noble's new collection of poems What Can I Say?. Therefore, it is fitting to coordinate an exhibition of Harding MacKay's evocative pieces with the launch of Noble's book.

Charles Noble is now semi-retired from farming and tills a different soil. He cultivates words—as an avid student of social and economic philosophy reading deeply into the heaviest tomes, and as a practising poet with 12 books to his credit. His work has appeared with publishers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario (Steven Ross Smith, “Deep In The Furrows A Four-Generation Noble Venture.” AlbertaViews, June 2018).

Ed Ruscha

Ruscha's artist books, such as his Twentysix Gasoline Stations (1962), have also been highly influential. Artists have responded to his books on an international scale over the last 60 years, including Bruce Nauman, whose Burning Small Fires (1968) consisted of a series of photographs of the artist burning a copy of Ed Ruscha's artist book Various Small Fires and Milk (1964) (sourced from Modern Art Insight Website). Between 1962 and 1978, Ruscha produced sixteen small artist's books:
Nine Swimming Pools and A Broken Glass, 1968 (8th books in series) - 2nd edition, 1976, 2000 copies printed
A Few Palm Trees, 1971 (13th book in series) - 1st edition, 3900 copies printed
Colored People, 1972 (16th book in series) - 1st edition, 4065 copies printed.
These three books ended up in Banff via the John Chalke estate, they are telling reminders of the considerable scope of Chalke’s interests.

Chris Stoffel Overvoorde

In 2002 Chris Stoffel Overvoorde published Passing the Colors: Engaging Visual culture in the Twenty-First Century, a wonderful commentary on art and his life. We have SIGNED COPIES. In 2003 the Grand Rapids Art Museum hosted an extensive retrospective of his work. Chris passed away September 2019, however he continued, well into his 80s, to draw, make designs, and paint in watercolor and oil, concentrating on landscape paintings in which space and atmosphere remained his major interest. Chris Stoffel Overvoorde made art in Alberta for over thirty years. Our gallery has represented him for twenty years.

Robert W. Sandford

We have a selection of books by Robert Sandford, one of the most respected experts in water and water-associated climate science, such as Our Vanishing Glaciers: The Snows of Yesteryear and the Future Climate of the Mountain West, which features stunning photography, explains and illustrates why water is such a unique substance and how it makes life on this planet possible.

Focusing on the Columbia Icefield, the largest and most accessible mass of ice straddling the Continental Divide in western North America, and featuring photographs, illustrations, aerial surveys and thermal imaging collected over more than 40 years of the author's personal observations, the book reveals the stunning magnitude of glacial ice in western Canada.

Robert W. Sandford has spent a lifetime helping Canadians and others across the globe to understand the nature and value of the landscapes in which they live. He began his career with Parks Canada and then moved to UN linked initiatives such as the chair of the United Nations International Year of Mountains (2002); the chair of the United Nations International Year of Fresh Water and Wonder of Water Initiative in Canada (2003-4); and is presently the Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative of the United Nations International Water for Life Decade.

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291 Film Co.

We are pleased that five of our gallery artists have been filmed for the Landscape As Muse Series. Landscape as Muse is aired on Bravo!, SCN, Knowledge Network, CBC’s Bold & Documentary, ACCESS, AVRO (Netherlands), The Arts Channel (New Zealand), and episodes have been licensed for in-flight screenings on Air Canada. It has been purchased by the National Gallery of Canada, the Glenbow Museum, a variety of schools, and the Banff Centre. We have full season sets available at our gallery for purchase.