Georgina Perkins Hunt

Water - A Mountain Gift

Oil paintings by Georgina Perkins Hunt based on her premise that water is a gift proffered by mountains. This body of work represents the artist’s longstanding interest in the ecology of mountain systems and how such ecosystems engender, secure and emit water.

Throughout her artistic practice, Georgina Perkins Hunt has spent much of her time in high alpine areas. High ridges, waterfalls and glacial lakes are seen from the vantage point of an artist who has been there, scrambling, climbing and taking in the vast vistas from the mountain tops.

Water is very hard to do well. This artist definitely has it right.
(Robert W. Sandford, 2018)

With her characteristic consideration in light and chiaroscuro, Perkins Hunt offers work manifest with dramatic light and shadow that revel in the turbulence of mountain torrents or the tranquility of glacial lakes. These considerations are concurrent with a plea to look beyond the beauty of the mountains and see other gifts offered. “Nature needs water too,” states Robert Sandford, in his book Restoring the Flow. "As a society we are to understand properly the value of our natural capital". This capital, for Perkins Hunt, involves embracing the grandeur, understanding the ecology of mountain landscapes, recognizing water as one of the five elements important to life and taking to heart the transformative nature of running water with its ability to uplift the human spirit.

Georgina uses light to draw us into her paintings and it is her attention to fleeting moments of quiet calm or dramatic action that keep us entranced.

A storm over a mountain top, a streak of light across a glacier, a giant cedar fallen to the forest floor. These are the types of scenes that convey the grandeur, beauty and drama that Georgina sees around her when she is in the mountains. When she was a child she would escape to the grassy fields to be with nature, today she hikes the mountains, through the forests, and along the shorelines to find that connection.

It was love at first sight for Georgina. On the drive from Manitoba to her family’s new home in British Columbia she connected with the mountains.

“I had no idea the draw they would have on me” Georgina explains. “It is where I feel the greatest connection to nature. They humble me yet feed my soul. “

But I knew
That the day and the night must pass and the cold dews
Of another morning before such men unknowing
The ways of mountains could win to the chimney's top.

-Earle Birney, David, in The Poems of Earle Birney, 1969

"I want to experience the outdoors with all my senses – feel the snowflakes on my eyelashes, hear the wind howl , see the flash of evening light, or smell the fresh mountain air. This is what I want to convey through my art so that you too can connect to the outdoor world around you. Nature plays an important part in enriching people’s lives. With great respect and love I portray a small piece of what nature has to share with us all."

Georgina has a degree in environmental studies from the University of Manitoba. She has taken theory courses at the Emily Carr School of Fine Art, courses and workshops on master’s techniques, life drawing and the atelier method for drawing skills. In an attempt to have a healthier studio Georgina started working in acrylic. Today the love of oil paint and the ability to use it in a safer manner has Georgina working in both mediums. She paints full time.

“The mountains demand respect and truly humbles the individual. The moist air in the forest makes you take a deep breath and feel the life around you.”

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.

-John Muir in Footloose in Ranges of Light, 1871