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North Wall of the Gallery with Ed Bamiling, Jacqueline Stehelin, Tom Willock works

North Wall of the Gallery with Ed Bamiling, Jacqueline Stehelin, Tom Willock works

Christmas Banff

Jacqueline Stehelin

Tom Willock

Ed Bamiling

It is all about balance, stillness and the search for essence.

Whatever medium, be it ceramic, painting or photography, the artists in our Christmas show explore core tenets of their respective practices in order to achieve direct and clear expression.

Jacqueline Stehelin, Tom Willock and Ed Bamiling are our feature artists for Christmas 2019.

Castle Carolers at the Willock & Sax

Part of Banff Gallery Hop - December.

Banff Gallery Hop is a project of the Banff Art & Culture Committee with support from Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and Banff & Lake Louise Tourism.

Allan Harding MacKay RCA

Allan Harding MacKay RCA

Charles Noble - What Can I Say?

Charles Noble - What Can I Say? $25.00 CDN

What Can I Say?

Charles Noble - poet

Allan Harding MacKay RCA

A poetry book launch, books are available at $25.00 CDN.

Allan Harding MacKay's work Boreal Smouldering is the front cover image for Charles Noble's new collection of poems. Therefore, it is fitting to coordinate an exhibition of Harding MacKay's evocative pieces with the launch of Noble's book.

Charles Noble is now semi-retired from farming and tills a different soil. He cultivates words—as an avid student of social and economic philosophy reading deeply into the heaviest tomes, and as a practising poet with 12 books to his credit. His work has appeared with publishers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario (Steven Ross Smith, “Deep In The Furrows A Four-Generation Noble Venture.” AlbertaViews, June 2018).

Denying the literal depiction of landscape in his paintings does not mean that Allan Harding MacKay engages any less with place. It is clear that he is caught up with its drama, its light, and its inevitable evolution. Utilizing a long list of media, including wax and inkjet, the artist manipulates and compresses visual information into a pre-determined squared format that quietly references the sublime intent of 19th C. Romantic landscape technique.

Jackie Anderson and Frank Lloyd Wright

Jackie Anderson and Frank Lloyd Wright


Jackie Anderson RCA

In time for Christmas Shipping and Shopping - new work in the gallery